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Kevin Rasmussen - Film Reel 2022
Dark Side of Comedy - Show Reel
The Bounty - Ryder gets an answer
Tainted - "Shoot out at the lumber mill"
Dark Side of Comedy - Richard Pryor Clip 3
Tainted - "They were going to hurt you..."
Eli Roth Presents - A Ghost Ruined My Life Clip 1
A Ghost Ruined My Life S01E01 Clip1
A Date With Danger - Looking for Liz
A Ghost Ruined My Life S01E07 Torture Room
A Date With Danger - For Liz...
Tainted - "Scrap Yard"
Tainted - "They're dead"
A Ghost Ruined My Life S01E02 Clip 1
The Bounty - Ryder finds his mark
A Date With Danger - Gavin Stayed
Dark Side of Comedy - Freddie Prinze Clip4
To Our Bright White Hearts - Clip 1
A Date With Danger - Calling Gavin
The Second Guard
Tainted "You'd have to kill me to put that on my body"
"A Killer in my Home" - Snooping around
a husband worries for his wife who is lost in the war overseas: ‘TO OUR BRIGHT WHITE HEARTS’ | ▼▼▲▲™
Battleground - Trailer
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