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Marble Surface

Kevin  Rasmussen ~ Associate CSC

Cinematographer. Collaborator. Storyteller. 
Kevin was born in New Zealand but grew up in Canada, and is currently based with his family in Toronto. After developing a childhood interest in cameras and photography, the sandbox film making began early for his small group of friends in Ontario. By the time he arrived in the high-school tech room, Kevin had a pretty good idea that he wanted to work in the film industry. After graduating from Sheridan College he immediately went to work camera operating for Richard Stringer CSC on a CBC crime series. With a focus on long format narrative and documentaries, as well as a growing  love of commercial work, Kevin has developed a unique and cinematic style of motion picture photography that is continuously evolving. He has also on occasion been known to direct, produce, and for a number of years after a leg injury worked as a colorist, learning from some of the best around. Most recently Kevin completed his Advanced Drone Pilots licensing in Canada and is now insured to fly in North America and beyond. 
Kevin's absolute favorite thing about working in film and tv is collaborating and creating with other artists. It is the primary reason he first fell in love with the concept of film making, and being part of a creative team and exploring new and exciting ways to tell stories remains the best part of his career for him. 
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